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The History of Punta Gorda in Bloom

We started with a seed of an idea in the Spring of 2019.

People and plants everwhere

Punta Gorda in Bloom began with the idea that our downtown area could be enhanced via a comprehensive beautification program.  After consultation with the city it was decided that Taylor Street would be our initial project. The plan for Taylor Street consisted of a large flower fountain and seventeen large planters as well as six light pole planters that were added at the Historic Courthouse. 

It was decided early on to approach Team Punta Gorda and use their structure as an established non-profit  in the City of Punta Gorda,  rather than building a new non-profit from the ground up. Initial funding for entry into the America in Bloom program came from Team Punta Gorda, The Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce and the Punta Gorda Garden Club. Shortly thereafter Alan Schulman indicated that he and his wife Barbara would like to fund the downtown beautification program. Alan and Barbara have provided a wonderful and generous gift to our city.


It's coming together


Part of the crew

We then began the process of obtaining permits and approvals for the installation of drip irrigation lines running the length of Taylor St. Planters and plants were ordered and volunteers recruited. On March 1st 2020, Punta Gorda in Bloom burst onto the scene.|

In a period of six hours, twenty-four volunteers transformed  Taylor Street from two blocks of concrete and pavers into a living, vibrant corridor. In the first year of our existence, the efforts of our volunteers earned us the distinction of having the video record of our work honored as the nationwide winner in the America in Bloom YouTube video contest.

Heading 6

Our planting day was just wonderful. The PGIB volunteers are a special group, giving of their time and talent to turn the original vision into reality. Be sure to visit the Volunteer section for  information about volunteer opportunities, and determine if you can assist.

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