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Get Involved in the Volunter Program


Part of the crew at the Taylor Street planting day.

Regular volunteers devote about one hour per week to the downtown project, where they are assigned designated planters. Routine tasks: check for the proper moisture level in planted containers using the supplied meter; make any adjustment to the irrigation equipment if needed; check on the general health of your plants, trim plants for neatness, and report any problems to the coordinator. 


There are also opportunities for periodic volunteer work when major updates or expansion take place, for those unable to commit to a weekly schedule. Our beautification program can only expand as far and as fast as we have volunteers to support it. Join us as we beautify the city of Punta Gorda. Your sense of satisfaction and civic pride will feel rewarding!

There are more jobs than just plants.

A few quotes about Punta Gorda in Bloom.

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